Our hoarding experts come equipped with the knowledge and experience to develop a personalised cleaning plan for you, based on your unique needs. We are available 24/7 to restore your home, and we work with you every step of the way. Whether your home simply needs some assistance from our expert clutter cleaners, or a deeper clean and restoration, the Extreme Bio Clean team will transform your home and help you reclaim your life from clutter.

While most people experience some level of compulsive collecting, hoarding can take on extreme forms. Sometimes a result of diogenes syndrome, hoarding can lead to hazards to the health and safety of the individual. Many times, hoarding causes damage to the home. No matter what the situation, our hoarding cleaning service will get you back on track. Our team comes prepared with solutions for any challenge that you might face. We never judge, always executing service with compassion and respect. No decisions will be made without you, and we work to ensure your privacy throughout the service. 

We provide the most discreet hoarding and junk removal services in the UK, working quickly to ensure your privacy is protected. Our team will never pile up any of your belongings outside, and will instead carefully pack up everything and carry it away in our unmarked vehicles all at once. Once the clutter is clear, we can begin working to deep clean and sanitise your home, providing repairs when necessary. We can assist with even the most extreme situations, like hoarding expired food, hoarding trash, or cleanups that might require pest control as well. Get into contact with one of our experts to schedule your consultation today. We are here to help.